Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Command Center

I am now the mother of four children under 10. I have one that is special needs and one newly  adoptive child. My hands are truly full! In my desire to maintain our family priorities (families priorities are printed in bold below) I created the command center.
Family priorities:
1. Family schedule and peace.
3. Healthy eating and exercise
4. All other events
If any of the lower priorities disrupt the higher priorities. We will cut down or say "no" to the lower priority.
We created the command center so that we can always have a quick glance at our lives, schedule and expectations. Hoping to keep our families priorities in order.


The Holland Command Center has a:
      Basic daily schedule 
 Monthly Calendar
                                      Files for each child's papers from school 
     and for chore cards.

Basic Schedule

Wall files for school papers and chore cards

Chore cards and check list

                      Chore Cards and Check list:
                        Each day child will has a wall file chores they are responsible for are
                                placed in file each day.

                                Child also has morning and evening checklist as pictured above.
                                They must complete each item and return them for parent signature at 

                       Reward Cards:

   I purchased chore checklist, reward 
    cards and much more at for only 
    $9.99 printable.tipjunkie.com. They system suggested a point system 
    to receive rewards, but we decided 
    not to use that system. In our home 
    chores are just a part of working together as a family and is a responsibility. Our children will
    complete chores as required and at random we will choose to reward them.
   Lunch and Snack Prep:

containers are created each week with lunch items  for school

Mom, dad and Aunt Rose are not the only ones responsible for lunch prep. The children help prep snacks and lunch.

We have high hopes for the Command Center!! I'll let you know later in the year if all goes well and we maintain it!