Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Like Storms, 22 Stories of Faith


I Like Storms is a story of faith, mostly recounting snippets of my family’s life over the last three years. We have taken many journeys down numerous paths of life: despair, joy, laughter, sorrow, uncertainty, loss, belief, hope, peace, and mostly faith.  
My name, Angela, means, “messenger from heaven.” My middle name is Faye, which means, “faith.” So I believe, most of all, God has called me to be a messenger of faith.
He wants me to speak into the darkness of this world and turn others’ hearts to faith, no matter the circumstances.

This book is meant to be a daily devotional. Each story depicts a moment in my family’s life and draws a central focus to a scripture and spiritual truth.
Everyone’s life reads as a story.
We live out years, months, days, hours and moments, but in those times, we have a split second to choose faith and, ultimately, faith in Christ.
This book is real and raw about life, and its purpose is to direct us to faith in our one true Savior.

Angela Nesbit Holland
January 2014
Fort Worth, Texas

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