Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter of Intent

To Whom It May Concern:

We are Andrew Stephen and Angela Faye Holland.  Andrew was born on May 6, 1978 in Americus, Georgia, United States of America.  Angela was born on January 16, 1977 in Austin Texas, in the United States of America.  We have always had a desire to adopt. 

We know that we have more love to offer to a child and that our family is not complete.  We desire to adopt a Chinese girl between the age of 2 and 4.   We have 3 biological children and desire our adopted daughter  to be younger than our youngest child.  Our youngest son has some special needs and we feel that we have the skills to care for another special needs child.  Over our lifetimes we have traveled to many orphanages and our hearts have gone out to the children needing families.  We have spent significant time traveling throughout China and Asia as college students and through Andrew’s work.  China’s culture and people have left a wonderful impression on us that will last our lifetimes.
We admire the people and culture of China and we already take opportunities to incorporate and teach aspects of Chinese culture to our biological children.  As a family we love education, learning and traveling.  Our children our accustomed to adapting to other cultures.  We teach our children about Chinese culture, famous historic landmarks, and history.  We desire to take every opportunity for our daughter to be a part of her Chinese heritage in America.  We hope to travel with her back to her birth country when she grows older. 

As a family education is important to us and we all LOVE to read and learn.  We intend for our daughter to have every opportunity to be educated as our biological children are.  Not only do we love education but we have a love for travel.  We believe children learn through experience and that they can learn from what they see, hear and feel.  We are excited about the opportunity to take our daughter on our travels throughout the world.   Our family is very active and loves the outdoors.  We all exercise regularly and enjoy  running and hiking.   Each of our children plays soccer and takes dancing lessons.  We look forward to having our Chinese daughter learn whatever skill she desires and to be a part of whatever activity she desires to or is most skilled at.   As a family we love the arts.  We attend plays, musical concerts, and listen to music constantly.  Our two oldest children play piano and are leaders in the church choir.  Most of all, we love family and our extended family plays a large part of each of our children’s growth.  My mother already calls our newest family member her granddaughter.

We promise never to abandon or abuse our adopted child and that our adopted child will enjoy the same rights as any biological child.  We promise that our adopted child will be raised and educated in a manner that will allow her to develop healthily and reach her full potential.  We also promise to provide all required post placement reports.  We would love the opportunity to care and love one of China’s beautiful children.  Thank you for considering us as prospective adoptive parents.


Andrew Holland                                                                       Angela Holland