Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our Adoption Story: Training

We have been really busy working on the adoption!

As most of you know we attended the Pathways training class March 27 and 28.  The class was insightful, encouraging and educational.  It was good to get to know a little more about Gladney and learn that they are there for your family for the long haul.
We learned how to respond and retrain a child that did not have the gift of parents, external regulator, from the beginning of life.  A parent or a external regulator can train a child in distress that they are there to comfort them and help them through life.  A child without beginning with you will have to learn to attach to you and trust you and how you train them.  This class trained you how to respond to your adopted child no matter what their beginnings were.  Pathways was basically a parenting class for adoptive parents.  

At Gladney training we turned in our application to adopt to Gladney, and This week we will be mailing our first huge packet of paperwork to Gladney in New York.  It's kind of hard to tell you what type information is in the paperwork.  Other than they want to know everything about you.  We had a lot of paperwork to complete and at least  three different pieces of paper work that needs to be notarized for the first packet of papers.   This month we also will both will have a physical with our doctors.  The physical paperwork has to be notarized also

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our Adoption Story: Training/Fundraiser

 For stories about the Holland family and their journey of adoption check links below the vendor list and photos.

We will be having a vendor fundraiser on May 24, 2014 from 10:00-2:00.  The fundraiser will be held at HighRidge Church 10100 Rolling Hills Dr. Ft Worth, Texas.  Don't worry if you live far away there are many opportunities to help us by shopping online!  See below the vendor list, some raffle prizes, and some ways to shop on line and to contribute to the Holland Adoption Fundraiser.

Vendor list updated as of May 1, 2014

The following vendors will be present May 24,at HighRidge Church from 10-2
1. Casey - Herbalife
2. Anna - Missions Market
3. Layla - Thirty-One
4. Alisha - Tastefully Simple
5. Donna - Cross Creations
6. Kimberly - 3 little ladies boutique
7. Dee - Baked Goods
8. Hillary - ItWorks
9. Darla - Custom Glass Art
10. Jana - Mary Kay
11. Kellie - NeriumAD
12. Mishawn - Eden in a Jar
13. Alicia - Pampered Chef and Pierced Hearts Collection
14. Dawn - Scentsy and Velata
15. Debbie - Just Simply aDOORable
16. Melissa - The C and me Co. and Young Living Essential Oils
17. Brandi - BElive
18. Debbie - Glass art
19. Kayla - Tupperware
20. Heather - Origami Owl
21. Becky - Roses Rad Relics
22. Shawna - Paparazzi
23. Charlotte Tackett - Handmade Jewelry
24. Billie Jo - BJ's aprons and more
25. Sara - Advocare (
26. Rhonda - The Sew it all Shop
27. Lisa Salas - Lorenes Bows
28. Candy - Wildtree
29. Desra - Grace Adele (
30. Cheri - wildtoad toffee (
31. Mary Samudio - HOT Tamalez
32. Cicily Pope - Handmade by Cicily
33. Jeffrey Church - Mosaic Artwork by Jeffrey Church
34. Kristin - Polarized Sunglasses

35. Scrubs by Chelsea- Homemade scrubs

You can purchase from the following vendors online and a portion of funds go to the Holland Adoption Fundraiser:

My Thirty One:

 Please go to,
click on "my parties"
and click on "shop now" on the Holland Fundraiser"
This party will be open until April 15th.
Help me pay it forward! I will give this family a half of my commission (I get 25%)
And if you want to book a party with me, I will donate 10% of your parties earning to their adoption fund as well!!!
Feel free to share this party with your friends and family!
Tastefully Simple:
Here is the website to go to to order when you go to this site under my picture you will see upcoming parties with Angela Nesbit Holland as the host. Click on the link and I will know it's for this family. So all know, there is 2 shipping options if you want to order early, 1) go to this link and order and it will due a direct ship to you for $6.99 for orders under $59.99 and 12% of the order for anything over $60. 2) If you have a small order under $60 you can contact me to put the order in and do a ship with friends option so you only get charged the 12%. This option can be cheaper for smaller orders but won't get shipped till the end of April once I put in all orders I get. Just let me know if you need help.

Below are some of the pics of raffle prizes donated!


Donated $150 towards a photo shoot!


Photos of some of the vendors items:

So exciting!! Such great vendors and this is only a small picture of what it available!!!

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