Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baby Steps: Our Adoption Story

Our family has been making a lot of steps towards adoption.  We are attempting to chip away at all the details and fast forward the process as much as possible, but seems a times to only be little baby steps towards our goal.
We a paid for and received our official application.  The most important step in that process is the background check.  Which they want addresses to every place we lived since we were 18 years old.  Yah, like I can remember that.  I called Christ for the Nations record office, a college I attended after the Air Force,  to get the addresses from when I lived at the campus,  but that was a fail. I told them what years I attended and  the wind was immediately knocked out of my sails.   As I said the years I attended,and as the young spring chicken listened to the dates. I realized how long ago that was.  It seemed like yesterday to me.  They could not find my records, because "They were too old."  What!  That story was just for the fun of it.  I hope you had a good laugh.  I called Gladney and they did not need the exact address.  We could list as close as we could remember.

We have also registered for our Pathways class in March. This class is training on all aspects of adopting a child and what to expect.  They will train us on how to care and nurture her and how to help an orphan.  Gladney is in it for the long run and will do anything to help us be successful before, during and after the adoption is complete.

We are continuing our process to raise funds.  This month we are having an Puzzle fundraiser.  Each time someone donates their family name with be written on the back of a puzzle of our adoption announcement photo.  We will purchase a double sided frame so that we can always remember who put the puzzle of our family together.
At the end of the Puzzle Fundraiser we will have a puzzle party.  Anyone can attend and help us put the puzzle together.  Local vendors attend the party and donate a portion of the funds they earn to the adoption.  There will also be a raffle for fun prizes.  Stay tuned for more details and to hear what we will have to raffle off!

Our family is also working to prepare our house for the home study.  We are making any home improvements that we have not been able to attend to over the last year. We have been searching Craig's list, going to garage sales and buying organizational items to improve the functionality of our home.    We are hoping to finish building the wooden fence in our backyard, and purchase a play-set for our growing family.  We are going to have a Holland Family workday soon, and would appreciate any hard working hands to help us complete those task.  There is so much you can do to help us bring our daughter home!  Donating is not the only way.  God is so amazing that He leaves no one out.  He wants everyone to be a part of  helping and serving others.  Everybody can be a part!

This is used to organize my earrings. Yes, it is ice trays and I did get it off of Pinterest.

I made this to hold my necklaces.  Yes, I got this off of Pinterest.

There is much more that we have done to make our home a little more functional.  It's been hard work but fun all at the same time!

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  1. I love the idea of your adoption family puzzle. Many blessings to you guys as you wait for God to add to your family!