Thursday, February 13, 2014

The First Steps in Our Story of Adoption

I am so excited to share this journey with you!  

There are so many ways that God spoke to  is about adoption, a prompting of the heart, compassion, other's testimonies, a clear statement that "You will adopt."
There were many confirmations. Two that stand out in my heart and mind. One night we visited a local Baptist church for a Christmas play. Towards the end of the play God did what He does, and spoke to us strongly.  A small Chinese girl stood on the stage in a traditional Chinese dress and sung with her whole heart, "Tell me about Jesus." It was like our daughter was singing from China. Not only asking us to be her parents, but most importantly asking us to tell her about Jesus. We were moved to tears and God confirmed to us we were moving in the right direction.
Only a week ago our daughter, Rachel, woke up and said, "I had a dream."  " In the dream, I was in my room with my Chinese sister."  "  I was tickling her, and we were very happy."  " I woke up and I am still very happy." I told her, "That the dream was probably from God."  "He does that, He speaks to you in dreams to tell you the future,to comfort you, and to speak to you."  God even uses your children to comfort and to speak to you.  It is wonderful to know that God personally speaks to and comforts your children.  He takes care of them. He prepares them for the road we will all walk together.

Our first step in the adoption process was to choose an adoption agency.  We happily chose Gladney.  Friends of ours have used Gladney in the past,and we felt they would support us through our walk before and after.  As of date, they have proven that to be true.  The staff has been supportive, informative and encouraging!
Isaac practicing how to use chopsticks the
Gladney Chinese New Year celebration.

Our second step in the process was to complete a "Child Preference Profile". We are currently in a program called "The Waiting Child Program".  This program is filled with Chinese girls with special needs.
The wait for our daughter in this program could be one to two years. Currently the wait for a "healthy" child could be 7 to 8 years.   We went over the "Child Preference Profile" with our doctor. It listed all ofthe possible special needs our daughter could have, and determined if we would be willing and able to care for a child with the specific special needs.  No worries, we have promised to our leadership we would keep it on the simpler side of special needs. We will most likely adopt a child with cleft lip and/or palate. The form was seven pages long and took two doctors appointments!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been preparing for the fundraiser, by taking pictures, shooting videos, and setting up everything online.  We were ready to announce earlier but was not fully prepared to begin the fund raiser.

Our next step, is to pay Gladney $300 and fill out one sheet of paper that says we are ready to move forward.  We are very happy to say within one night we were able to raise the funds for our first payment!
Rachel practicing how to use chopsticks the
Gladney Chinese New Year celebration.
Thank you for showing interest and your prayers!  I always as many people as possible everything that happened for Ryan in the natural world started with someones prayers!

Thank You and God Bless,

The Hollands

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