Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HEARTSchooling 101

Heartschooling 101 “Service at home and to the ends of the earth”

When I decided to write about “Heartschooling” or how I veer from homeschool curriculum to teach from the heart,   I was kind of like, “Mmmm, Wow what am I going to write about?”  I could not think of any time that I intentionally taught from my heart in relation to homeschooling. But quickly the Lord prompted me that I teach my children daily about something that is in my heart.  I did not recognize it as teaching because it is our way of life.  Our children are taught daily to serve their community locally and to the ends of the earth.  They know that scripture instructs us in that directive.  And that’s why I chose to title my article “Heartschooling 101” because it is our priority.

Serving locally:
On October 23, my children were involved with a non-profit organization called “Color Me a Smile”.  “Color Me a Smile” take pictures from children and sends them to shut-ins, nursing homes, and hospitals.  Their heart is to bless those that might be enduring hardship alone.  Before the children began to color, they were instructed that their creations would be given to people that are alone in nursing homes, retirement homes or hospitals.  They were told that some people do not have families and friends to make them smile, and this was the reason we were coloring the pictures.  My FAVORITE 
thing about “Color Me a Smile” is that my small children, 8 and under, can get involved.  It is very hard to find an organization that allows small children to be involved.  I’ve spent countless hours searching for an organization where my small children could serve.  “Color Me a Smile” is a fun way for children to show Christ’s love. 

“Color Me a Smile” distributes thousands of drawings every month.  We are always looking for more ‘crayon artist’.  It is a simple way for schools, scouting troops, youth groups, religious organizations and individuals to show they care and to get involved (www.colorasmile.org)

To the ends of the earth:
Now that’s a hard one. How can you physically get your children involved with “to the ends of the earth”?  We show them our love for the ends of the earth by teaching them it’s a directive from Christ.  It’s just what you’re supposed to do.  We do the easiest thing of all, we give.  We give at least 20% of our income to our local church and to mission’s organizations.  We give it freely with no hesitation.  We show them with our actions what it means to be involved “to the ends of the earth”.  We attend fundraisers, profess our love for missions to all who will listen, and even travel to other countries ourselves.  Over the last year, my husband and I have traveled to Belarus, Niger, and Ethiopia.  In our lifetimes, we have also traveled to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Mexico.  
Ethiopia is near and dear to our heart.  We are involved with an organization that serves orphans.  Kidmia has a holistic approach to serving orphans.  They meet needs by orphan care, adoption advocacy & training, community outreach, and economic empowerment.   Their heart is that orphans are a priority to God and they should be a priority to us, because we were first adopted by Christ. (http://kidmia.org/)
We also tell our children that they will go to other countries.  As soon as they are of age, we let them know they will be going with us, and that they will go on their own someday.  When we are raising money to go, we are full of faith that the Lord will provide, and we don’t even blink at the amount.  We know if it is a directive from God, He will follow through to meet our needs. We know serving to the ends of the earth is very attainable.
So, as you homeschool, may God give you revelation and speak to you on how you can teach your children to serve locally and to the ends of the earth.  Make it your priority.

 Angela is an adventurous mom who has traveled the world.  Angela decided to start writing after her youngest son was diagnose with Type 1 diabetes.  Angela’s life message is that even when life is not so simple what you need is simple faith.  
Come check her out at pureandsimplefaith@blogspot.com

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  1. I love how you are building a mindset of giving in your children from a young age!