Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Grievances with Grief

Good Grief!! Is grief really necessary?
Grief is good for absolutely nothing!
First of all, you lose all sense of dignity. Can you say hello water proof mascara!
It can take the strongest man to His knees.
The poshest, most pretentious, perfect of all pedigrees lose all their dignity. They don't care how they look when grief overwhelms them.

Good grief!! Is grief really necessary?
Who in their right mind would sign up for being run over with a Mack truck of emotion?
Not this girl! If I see a Mack truck coming I RUUUUUNNNNN!!!!
Good grief!! Is grief really necessary?
Grief is the one thing in the world that you can honestly say is not prejudice.
You can't buy your way out of it.
It does not avoid the upper class.
It visits the weak and innocent.
It is even a frequent visitor to the strong and powerful.

Good grief!!! Why do I keeping saying good grief? You might get the impression I think it's a good thing!
Let me challenge you here. Can you make up any sentence with grief that has a pleasant outcome? The mere definition of grief makes you overwhelmed with sadness. You think to yourself, “Wow! I want to stay away from that."

Grief comes in many ways, shapes, sizes and places. When I see grief coming I want to say what my son says, “Nope. Na aah, never, never again!!!”
It doesn't matter how many times it visits you. It can visit you again. It can happen anytime, anyplace without warning. You’re minding your own business and bam! Splat boom! You’re like the wicked witch in “The Wizard of OZ” with your feet sticking out from under the house of grief.
I heard a woman describe grief as a shadow that follows you, it never grows smaller and it never goes away (Broadchurch. BBC. SEASON: 1 EPISODE: 7AIR DATE: 18 SEPTEMBER, 2013, Television) no matter how ominous and hopeless the description.
The woman's words resonated in my heart and mind. Grief is an unwelcome visitor you never wanted to meet. I would misrepresent myself if I said grief did not follow me. I still search for contentment and joy in this past year and now my current situation.
I don't know timetables, nor am I familiar with the process of healing, but this is not the first time my broken heart has been restored. I am quite familiar with God’s character.

He gives peace not offered by the world, and He gives me beauty for ashes and strength for fear and joy for mourning.  He takes away the grief and leaves you with the good. 

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  1. very good & I know exactly what you mean. what a year of growth this has been!